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Giannis Baxevanis is a Greek sound engineer of great technical and aesthetic skills with vast professional experience both in recording projects and live performances. Having delved into several Eastern and Western musical genres, he is highly specialised in acoustic and natural sounds. Well known Greek artists and groups have collaborated with Giannis both for their discography and their live performances, not only in Greece but also abroad. Giannis considers himself extremely lucky to be working with such exceptional music producers, musicians, soloists and artists, this way having lots of opportunities to develop his skills in a wide range of musical styles, from folk and traditional to pop and rock.  His love for the acoustic sound leads most of his aesthetic choices, achieving high quality standards. 

Making it sound natural

This is what I'm looking forward to.




2020 - 2023


MSc in Sonic Arts and Audio Technologies

Ionian University.


Sierra Studios

Sound Engineer

Sierra Studios have been operating in the music business for 35 years, comprising two dedicated music recording and mixing studios fully equipped with SSL9000j , 4000G+, Neve 8016, large mics selection, outboard eq, etc and the biggest recording area in Greece (300m2).


Anna Vissi (Live)

FOH Sound Engineer

One of the greatest stars of The Greek Pop Music World has chosen Giannis Baxevanis to be her FOH sound Engineer. "I requested from Giannis to give a “studio” sound to our lives and I realised that he was the right engineer to make my wish come true." 


Antart Studios

Sound Engineer

Giannis was the sound engineer at one of the most historical studios with a well-sounded room in Greece. The studio where "Zorbas the Greek" was recorded is part of it.


Studio Kyriazis, Studio Odeon

Assistant Sound Engineer

Giannis acquired great experience setting up an SSL Duality console and sharpening his technical skills.


Scientific External Collaborator
National Kapodistrian University of Athens

Making a Sound Studio

Giannis worked for the creation of a sound studio for the Computer Science Department. All the projects needed for the Department were recorded in that studio.


BSc in Music Technology and Acoustics Engineering

Studio and classroom practical and theoretical work and study at the Technical Educational Institute of Crete, Department of Music Technology and Acoustics Engineering


Diploma in Byzantine Music,
Diploma in Music Harmony

After graduating from the Music Secondary School of Drama, Giannis continued his music studies in Eastern and Western Music and got instruction in the guitar, the lute, the saz and the piano.

It’ s very important for an artist to love their sound engineer and rely on him…

I have been collaborating with the past five years and I wanna say that I feel so safe with him and I rarely attend sound checks.

Cause I’ m sure that he will get the best possible sound for the venues where we happen to play in every time!    

With respect.


—  Anna Vissi, singer



Giannis can be contacted via message or phone. He will be glad to communicate with you.  


T  (+30) 6947809685

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